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27th February 2019


BHM British Historical Medallions 1760-date Volumes I, II & III

MI Medallic Illustrations of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

E. British Commonwealth Medals and their Values.

Forrer. Bibliographical Dictionary of Medallists


MB448 Lambert Jones. A copper medal 1849 by W. Wyon. Bust of Lambert Jones right. Reverse Lengthy inscription. 64mm (BHM 2349 Eimer 1438). About extremely fine. £60. (picture) Richard Lambert Jones, member of the City of London Council represented the Cripplegate Ward 1820-1852.

MB685 Fareham Trinity Benefit Society. A silvered white metal? medal within a silver glazed lunette,1840 by Gardner. View of the elevation of Fareham Trinity Church. Inscription around.Rev. A crown atop a bible, which sits upon a cushion. Inscription around and below. 48mm. About extremely fine. SOLD (picture) Please note reflections of camera in the pictures.

MB742 Completion of Public Buildings in Bilston. A copper medal 1897 by S. View of Bilston Waterworks, inscription on a wide border around. Rev. View of Bilston Art School, inscription on a wide border around. 55mm (BHM3614). The school building now forms part of the Bilston College of Further Education. The water works are still in use as a pumping station. About extremely fine. £30 (picture)

MB957 Birth of the Marquis of Blandford. A bronze medal 1897 by ? . Conjoined draped busts of the Duchess and Duke of Marlborough, inscription around. Rev.  Inscription within an open wreath. 38mm (BHM 3606) Extremely fine and rare. £25 (picture)

MB985 Cambridge/Oxford University V American Universities Prize medal. An unattributed bronze medal. 38mm Extremely fine £20 (picture)

MB994 Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. a bronze plaque unsigned, circa 1890 164mm (Goethe in der medaillenkunst. No84)Extremely fine loop suspension  £120 (picture) Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 1749-1832. German poet, dramatist, scientist and court official. One of the greatest figures European literature

MB996 Baron Georges Leopold Chretien Frederic Dagobert Cuvier. A cast bronze plaque 1832 by A. Bovy. 190mm  Extremely fine £150 (picture) Georges Cuvier, anatomist 1769-1832. The father of comparative anatomy and paleontology.

MB999 Death of Charles Dickens. A cast bronze plaque 1870 by A.L.Vago.217mm  Extremely fine £100 (picture)

MB1043 The Carpenters Company Exhibition Prize Medal. A bronze medal 1904. Arms of the Company within an open wreath. Rev. Inscription within a laurel wreath. 54mm Extremely fine. Awarded to John D. Manners in 1904 £22 (picture)

MB1071 Death of the Duke of Sutherland. A bronze medal 1833 by W. Bain. Bare head of the Duke facing right. Rev. 5 line inscription. 49mm (BHM1651) Extremely fine £35 (pictire)

MB1072 John Gray, Laudatory Medal. A bronze medal 1863 by G.G.Adams. Conjoined busts of John Gray and his wife facing right. Rev. Legend within a closed wreath. 57mm (BHM2787) Minor edge mark otherwise Very Fine. £35 (picture)

MB1073 General Sir Ronald Ferguson. A bronze medal 1833 by W. Bain. Bare head of Sir Ronald facing right. Rev. Inscription within a closed wreath. 49mm (BHM1649) Extremely fine. £60. (picture)  Sir Ronald Crauford Ferguson (1773-1841) General. He served with distinction in several campaigns; at the battle of Rolica he twice succeeded in turning an attack by General de la Borde and he commanded a brigade at the Battle of Vimiera. He was second in command in Holland in 1814 when he was a K.C.B. He was promoted to General in 1830 and in the same year became MP for Nottingham, a seat he held until his death in 1842.

MB1106 Foundation of the Numismatic Society of London. A bronze medal 1838 by A.J.Stothard. Bare head of John Lee facing right. Rev Eight line inscription. 45mm (BHM1882) About extremely fine, slight ghosting on lower inscription. £50 (picture)

MB1120 Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee 1897. The Official Royal Mint issue. silver 56mm (BHM 3506, Eimer 1817) Tiny marks on cheek otherwise extremely fine £80 (picture)

MB1121 Rowland Lord Hill. Column erected at Shrewsbury 1815. Napoleonic interest. Bronze 54mm (BHM912) Extremely fine. £100 (picture)

MB1131 Coronation of George IVth 1821 A bronze medal, 1821 by Desboeufs. 50mm (BHM1072) Extremely fine SOLD (picture)

MB1137 Giuseppe Garibaldi C1850. A Bois Durci plaque1105mm Extremely fine £70 (picture)

MB1138 Richard Cobden C1850 A Bois Durci plaque 1105mm Very fine  £50 (picture)

MB1142 Assassination of Gustav II. King of Sweden. 1792. A bronze medal by Kuchler. 54mm, A few marks otherwise extremely fine. SOLD (picture)

MB1147 Birmingham Music Festival and the General Hospital 1826. A white metal medal by Ottley. 64mm (BHM1269) A couple of marks otherwise about extremely fine and rare. £45 (picture)

MB1149 Glasgow Stow College Prize Medal A bronze medal 39mm, School of Printing and Kindred Trades. Awarded to Archibald Cameron for Linotype in 1923. Cased and extremely fine. £20 (picture)

MB1152 Presbyterian Church of England Award. A bronze medal by J.S and A.B.Wyon. Awarded to Alexander Allan 1905. 51mm. Wyon cased and extremely fine £30. (picture)

MB1160 Award. The Edinburgh Sir Walter Scott Club. A bronze medal by Gilbert Oliver, C1910. Awarded to Martha Kirkness, Leith Academy, Essay Competition. 55mm Extremely fine. £48 (picture)

MB1164 Coronation George Vth. The official Royal Mint bronze medal 1911 by B Mackennel. 51mm BHM4022 Good very fine. £30 (picture)

MB1165 University of Bristol Medical School. A bronze medal 64mm unsigned. Awarded for Proficiency/student years. Extremely fine £18 (picture)

MB1166 Scottish Shorthorn Breeders Ass Prize medal. A silver medal by Kirkwood Awarded in 1946. 48mm Extremely fine, cased. £70 (picture)

MB1168 Mudie's dedication medal for the British Victories series. A bronze medal 1820 by T.Webb and A.J.Depaulis  41mm (BHM 933, Eimer 1102, Mudie 1). Extremely fine SOLD (picture)

MB1171 England gives Peace to the World. A bronze medal 1814 by G. Mills and E.J.Dubois. 41mm (BHM 776, Bramsen 1438, Eimer 1047, Mudie 28) Extremely fine   SOLD (picture)

MB1172 Royal Military Academy, presentation of colours. A bronze medal 1813 by T.Webb and N.G.A.Brenet. 41mm (BHM 769, Bramsen 1246, Eimer 1035, Mudie 11) Extremely fine SOLD (picture)

MB1180 Diamond Jubilee Queen Victoria Royal Mint Issue. A silver medal 1897 by G. W. DeSaulles. 56mm (BHM 3506, Eimer 1817) Extremely fine cased and with a rare Gaelic edge inscription. Minor sign of suspension loop. Edge reads THA SAOGHAL FADA NA LAIMH DHEIS NA LAIMH CHLI SAOIBHREAS ACUS URRAM  A rare example. SOLD (picture)

MB1190 John Anderson College Medal. A bronze medal 1796 by J. Macdonald. 51mm (Eimer 872) Extremely fine SOLD (picture)

MB1193 Colonel Wardle  (Soldier and Politician) A bronze medal  1809 by P. Wyon (BHM 667) Good very fine  £55 (picture)

MB1195 Birmingham Music Festival. A bronze medal 1834 by T.Halliday. 49mm (BHM 1675) About extremely fine SOLD (picture)

MB1204 Centenary of Ackworth School. A white metal medal 1879 by J.Moore. 51mm (BHM3058, Eimer 1667, Taylor 50a) A little patchy, otherwise a good very fine. £18.(picture)

MB1207 Blanchland perambulated by Lord Crewe's trustees. A rare bronze medal 1839 34mm. Near extremely fine. Blanchland, Northumberland, historic village. Lord Crewe's trustees and villagers covered the boundary on horseback and on foot to secure the legality of the village lands. A rare medal. £70 (picture)

MB1210 John Hunter Memorial Prize. Glasgow University School of Medicine 1870. A bronze prize medal by N Macphail. 70mm Eimer 852 Extremely fine. Cased . Awarded to David R.H.Urquhart in Zoology class 1942  Prof. E.Hindle SOLD (picture)

MB1211 Lord Cartaret. First Earl Granville. A copper medal 1744 by J.Dassier. 55mm Eimer 584, MI ii 586/228. Darkly toned, extremely fine SOLD (picture)

MB1213 Marriage of Princess Mary to William of Orange. A pair of mirror electrotypes of this magnificent historical medal. by J.Blum 71mm  Eimer 137. Gilt electrotypes superb condition.SOLD (picture)

MB1215 Aberdeen University A bronze medal 1895 by T. Moring of London 70mm unlisted Extremely fine and rare £100 (picture) The medal may relate to a financial donation to the university by Mitchell. The university archivist has been consulted and I await their response. Aberdeen University Roll of Graduates.... Charles Mitchell, student and prizeman in Chemistry Marshall College 1839-40, of Jesmond Towers, Northumberland. Partner in the firm of Sir W.G.Armstrong, Mitchell and Company, Engineers and Gun Manufacturers. Donor of Approximately £31,000 to the University extension scheme, 1891. The Graduation Hall and Tower, to which he had largely contributed, are named after him. Died 22nd August 1895. Portrait of Sir Charles Mitchell and bust in bronze are in the possession of the University. My thanks to staff at the university for this information.

MB1217 Newcastle Exhibition of Art, manufacture and Science.A bronze medal 1840, 42mm BHM1982 Extremely fine £25 (picture)

MB1221 J.C.Hobhouse, Lord Broughton M.P. A white metal medal 1820 by ? 41mm BHM1046. holed and fine only but rare and  included for collectors with political interests .£10 (picture) John Cam Hobhouse 1786-1869,Baron Broughton of Gyfford, statesman. Raised to the peerage in 1851.

MB1224 Glasgow University, William Hunter Memorial Prize. A bronze medal 1783 by N. Mcfail. 70mm Eimer806 Extremely fine awarded to Walter M Keip. Junior Anatomy 1902. SOLD (picture)

MB1232 George Frederick Cooke, A copper medal 1805 by T.Webb 54mm BHM570, Eimer973. Tiny marks on chin, beautiful colour tone, extremely fine SOLD (picture) George Cooke 1756-1811, tragedian actor.

MB1243 Marquis of Camden, Chancellor of Cambridge University. A bronze medal, 1834, by J. Peters. 44mm Eimer 1282, BHM 1685. Extremely fine. £40 (picture)

MB1252 Sir W.W.Wynn Bart. A bronze medal by ? 1876. 36mm Extremely fine £30 (picture)

MB1256 Kings College London, Jelf Medal. A bronze medal 1871 by J.S and A.B.Wyon. Eimer 1614, BHM 2920. In original Wyon case, extremely fine. Awarded to Harry James Thompson A.K.C. 1881 SOLD (picture)

MB1257 Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain. A bronze prize medal 1852 by L. C. Wyon. 70mm BHM 2509, Eimer 1471. As struck condition Awarded to William Bonny Hoile Materiam Medica Session 1890-91. SOLD (picture)

MB1258 Birth of the Pronce of Wales. A white metal medal 1841 by T. Halliday. 54mm BHM 1992, Eimer 1357.  Very fine. Note this medal is listed as 45mm but this example is 54mm. SOLD (picture) Albert Edward (1841-1910) later Edward VII. Born at Buckingham Palace, 9 November 1841. The birth of the prince was greeted with great joy by the people of Great Britain since there had been no male heir born to reigning monarch since the birth of George IV in 1762.

MB1260 Coronation of George Vth. A bronze medal 1911 by B. Mackennel. 51mm BHM 4022, Eimer 1922. Very fine. £26 (picture) The official Royal Mint issue.

MB1261 Jesus and Mary. A matching pair of bois durci plaques C 1850 110mm. Extremely fine with suspension loops £70 (picture)

MB1262 Richard Cobden. A bois durci plaque C1850 110mm Very fine £37 (picture)

MB1265 Nicholas Wiseman Cardinal and Archbishop. A bronze medal 1836 by S.Clint BHM1708 58mm Extremely fine. SOLD (picture) Nicholas Patrick Stephen Wiseman 1802-65. Cardinal and Archbishop of Westminster, educated at Ushaw College. Ordained in 1825, became rector in1828. It is possible that the medal has connection with the delivery and subsequent publication in 1836 of 'Lectures on the Principle Doctrines and Practices of the Catholic Church'.

MB1267 Anglo-French Exhibition London. A bronze plaque 1908 Charles Pillet. 52mm x 70mm Extremely fine SOLD (picture)

MB1275 Manchester Exhibition for Science and Industry. A bronze medal 1875 by Elkington, 60mm  Extremely fine and quite rare SOLD (picture) Awarded to Brown and Green of Luton and London, for Improved Appliances

MB1281 Catholic Ushaw College Award . A bronze medal 1880 by C.F.Voigt Rome 67mm. A superb medal, almost as struck, good toning and cased (minor damage) SOLD (picture) St Cuthbert College is a College of Durham University, a few miles North of Durham at Ushaw. The medal was awarded to George Buckley.

MB1287 Death of Richard Cobden. Anglo-French Working Class Exhibition London. A bronze medal 1865 by E, Weigand  41mm BHM 2839, Eimer 1576 About extremely fine £25 (picture) 

MB1292 Medallic Illustrations of the Holy Scriptures. No58 Christ's Agony in the Garden. A white metal medal C1830 by Thomason BHM1468 73mm Very fine £10 (picture)

MB1299 Royal Mechanics Institute Manchester. A cased silver medal 1823 by W.Wyon. 50mm Eimer 1170. Good very fine SOLD (picture)

MB1307 Coronation of George IVth. A bronze medal 1821 by B. Pistrucci 35mm BHM1070. Edgy but very fine. SOLD (picture)

MB1310 Battle of Trafalgar. Nelson Memorial 1805. A bronze medal by T. Webb. 53mm Eimer957 BHM1919. About very fine SOLD (picture)

MB1314 British Empire Exhibition. A bronze medal 1925 by B. Mackennel 51mm BHM 4203, Eimer 1997. Extremely fine and cased SOLD

MB1315 Edward VII Coronation. A bronze medal 1902 by G. Frampton. BHM 3767. Extremely fine cased. SOLD

MB1316 Prize medal. Freemen's Orphan School. A bronze medal 1924 by? 64mm. Extremely fine.SOLD (picture) Awarded in 1924 and presented by the Turners Company of London. 

MB1317 Napoleon III and Eugenie, Visit to the City of London. A bronze medal 1855 by B. Wyon 77mm BHM 2361, Eimer 1496. Minor edge bruise, otherwise extremely fine £SOLD (picture)

MB1318 Winchester College. 500th Anniversary. A bronze medal 18893 by G. Frampton. 76mm in diameter. BHM 3454, Eimer 1785. Cased and extremely fine SOLD (picture)

MB1319 George III. Preserved from Assassination. A bronze medal 1800 by C.H. Kuchler. Eimer 916, BHM 482 Minor marks otherwise extremely fine. SOLD (picture) There is some slight confusion over the reverse wording. the inscription is REGE INCOLUMI POPULUS LAETUS. Eimer quotes the inscription on BHM 483 although Brown under BHM 482 suggests the word Laetus is in a different position on the medal.

MB1320 Winston Churchill Laudatory Medal. A bronze medal 1965 by Ralph J. Menconi. 70mm. An impressive portrait on high relief. Extremely Fine. £40 (picture)

MB1321 Sir Benjamin Brodie. A bronze medal 1841 by W. Wyon. 73mm BHM2003, Eimer 1359. Almost as struck. SOLD (picture) Sir Benjamin Collins Brodie 1783-1862 Surgeon.

MB1322 Thomas Banks RA, Art Union of London. A bronze medal 1858 by L.C.Wyon. 55mm BHM2633, Eimer 1523. Minor carbon spot, otherwise Extremely fine £70 (picture)

MB1323 Death of William Pitt. A bronze medal 1806 by B. Wyon 44mm BHM616. RR not in Eimer SOLD (picture)

MB1324. Death of Lord Byron. A bronze medal 1824 by B.R.Faulkner. 51mm Eimer1173, BHM1225. Very Fine £80 (picture)

MB1325 Death of Henry Stein Turrell. Brighton. The Turrell Memorial Prize. A bronze medal 1863 by J.S. and A.B.Wyon. 45mm Forrer Vol VIII/297 Obverse Extremely fine, Rev almost so. £55 (picture) H.S.T. 1815-1863 Doctor

MB1326 Duke if Wellington. A bronze medal 1821 by T.Wyon Jnr and B.Wyon. 51mm Eimer1154, BHM1167, Bramsen2313. Extremely fine SOLD (picture) The date of 1815 on the obverse suggests this medal may commemorate Waterloo.

MB1327 Union of England and Scotland. A copper medal 1707 by J.Croker.47mm  MIii295/107.Extremely fine SOLD (picture)

MB1328 Adelaide Lewis Award for Scripture. A bronze medal 1893 by A.Wyon 50mm. Not listed. Extremely fine cased £40. (picture) Awawded to Evelyn Griffiths Sugg.

MB1329 Volunteer Movement, 21st Anniversary. A white metal medal 1881 by N.Macphail. 63mm Eimer1683, BHM3110. Cased, very fine. SOLD. (picture) More than 52,000  volunteers were reviewed by Queen Victoria at Windsor in July 1881. A further 40,000 at Queens Park in August.

MB1330 RMS Queen Mary, Commissioned 1936. A bronze medal 1936 by G. Bayes, Eimer 2036, BHM4282. Cased, Extremely fine. £180 (picture) The medal was available at the Mint and could be purchased by passengers on board ship. an example was struck in silver for the medallist. Those in gold were presented to the king and queen, the President of the United States, Mrs Roosevelt and Edward VIII.

MB1331 International Reformatory Exhibition. A bronze medal 1865 by J.S.Wyon  57mm BHM2845. Almost extremely fine. SOLD (picture) Reformatory schools for the rehabilitation of juvenile delinquents were established in London in1852. It was calculated that in 1856 that there were 30,000 in London and in England some 100,000 youths under the age of 17 leading s vagabond life and that out if those 15,000 were committed  for trial. Acts for the establishment of reformatory schools were passed in 1857 to 1868. In 1863 there were 51 schools in England and 9 in Ireland. An exhibition of the works of these schools was held at the agricultural hall, Islington and was opened by the Prince if Wales.

MB1332 East London Working Classes Industrial Exhibition. A cased bronze medal by J. A Restall. 50mm Minor edginess otherwise extremely fine. SOLD (picture) The exhibition was held in St. Mary's School Whitechapel. A small note in the case states that the medal was awarded for 'Best Bread' exhibit. It was presented to the recipient by Baroness Bendelt Coutts. This lady was a great benefactor to the working classes and well worthy of researching her contribution to London and overseas.

MB1333 City of London School. New Buildings. A bronze medal 1882 by J.S. and A.B.Wyon. 77mm Eimer1690, BHM3133, About Extremely Fine. SOLD (picture)

MB1334 St. Paul's Cathedral. A white metal medal C1850 by Davis of Birmingham. 61mm  mark on reverse otherwise About extremely fine with some lustre. SOLD (picture)

MB1335 Admiral Earl Howe. Naval Victory of the 1st June 1794. A bronze medal 1794 by C.H.Kuchler. 48mm Eimer855, BHM383. Very Fine SOLD (picture)

MB1336 Albert Medal. Society of Arts. A bronze medal 1863 by L.C.Wyon 51mm  Eimer 1566 BHM2795. Small carbon spot otherwise about extremely fine. SOLD. (picture) Awarded to Eleanor Cooke 1893.

MB1337 George III saved from assassination. A bronze medal 1800 by C.H.Kuchler 48mm BHM 483 Extremely fine SOLD (picture)

MB1338 Centenary of Wesleyan Methodism. A white metal medal 1839 by C.F.Carter 65mm Eimer 1329, BHM1895. Extremely fine and in a 19thC ebonised glassed frame. Both sides visible. £90 (picture)

MB1339 Coronation of King Edward VII A bronze medal 1902 by J. Carter.38mm  BHM3752. Almost extremely fine. SOLD (picture)

MB1340 George IV visit to Ireland. A silver medal 1822 by W.Bain 45mm Eimer 1162, BHM1178. Good very fine. SOLD (picture)

MB1341 John Hampden 1594-1643. A silver medal 1863 by A.B.Wyon. 54mm Forrer VIII/291 About extremely fine and inscribed on the reverse to Thomas G. Williams 1868 SOLD (picture)